August 16, 2016



Which are the benefits of fish consumption ?

according to sources skilled on the subject


The Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) of United Nations and the World Health Organization (OMS), issued a joint opinion drawn up with technical and scientific support of several world experts, which highlights the benefits of fish in neuronal development and to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The joint opinion of both bodies highlight the following conclusions:

  • Between adult population consumption of fish reduces the risk of mortality from coronary heart disease;
  • The consumption of fish provides energy, proteins and variety of other important nutrients such as ómega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • Due to the benefits of ómega-3 fatty acids, the consumption of fish during pregnancy and lactation reduces the risk of improper neural development of babies;
  • About children and teens, consumption of fish has influence on current health and eating habits of his adult life.

source: fileira do pescado