Horse Mackerel

Horse Mackerel

Horse mackerel

The shoals of horse mackerel occupy the entire water column to the bottom, and make considerable migration along the coast. They have an elongated and slightly compressed body, has two dorsal fins, a complete row of escutcheons along the lateral line, with a very marked inflection at the level of anal spines, has gray or bluish color on back. The horse mackerel feeds mainly on crustaceans, cephalopods and small fish.

Scientific Name: Trachurus trachurus

Capture Zone: all along the coast of portugal mainland, especially in the northern region.

Packing:      saco     

Source: IPMA.

Variety of Products
Horse mackerel _________________________ 1 a 2 pçs/kg
Big Horse Mackerel _____________________ 3 a 7 pçs/kg
Medium Horse Mackerel _________________ 8 a 12 pçs/kg
Small Horse Mackerel ___________________ 20 a 30 pçs/kg
Tiny Horse Mackerel ____________________ 30 a 50 pçs/kg